Manzana’s mission is to offer excellent services in which our customers can have the confidence of choosing their own stylist from a team of artists containing individual

characteristics in a pleasant and professional atmosphere. We know that our clients have very busy schedules, that's why Manzana Studio offers flexible and extended

hours opening from early in the morning to late in the night. We are also conscious of the economic crisis that might affect our client’s budget, making it a priority to offer

the most competitive prices in the Condado area and constantly offering promotions where customers can enjoy something that many people may consider a luxury but

we in Manzana consider a necessity to release stress, cheer up and for mental health.


Manzana is not just a beauty salon it is a lifestyle, were our main focus is to highlight the beauty within each individual and promote fun and health to our clients and staff.

We will not give up or succumb to mediocrity, every day we will continue learning from our past mistakes in order to improve as individuals, a team and a business.


R - E - S - P - E - C - T

Respect towards the styling profession.

Respect towards clients.

Respect towards colleagues.

Respect towards time.

Respect towards the work place in a prosperous and sincere environment.

I am responsible for my attitude and that’s why I'm a professional.